Standard Pallet Size & Dimensions

If you ship large quantities of goods, or ship large or heavy goods that need to be protected during transfer and safely delivered then chances are you will use pallets at some point in the supply chain to do this.  Using pallets makes shipping more secure and, more importantly, is the most cost effective way at maximizing space in truck trailers.

How to Calculate Freight Class

Shipping pallets of goods along the U.S. highway is usually done through LTL freight (less-than-truckload) or TL (full-load) carriers. For this, most common carriers use a freight class calculator to help set a precedent for what they may need to spend. Because space in a freight truck is limited, a freight class calculator is used to determine the value and difficulty of sending different types of products.

What Is Tare Weight?

One of the most critical elements of shipping goods is understanding the various weights involved in the industry. Weight is an essential aspect of determining the price of a shipment, regardless of the transportation method. Knowing what tare weight is will help your company understand Bill of Lading documents and how shipping costs were calculated.


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