Trade Between Texas and Canada Going Strong

Several reports on exports in the past year have illuminated what we at CSA already know: business between Canada and the state of Texas is booming. Importing and exporting between Canada and Texas is great-- and the partnership between the two can’t be beat.

Manufacturing is Accelerating in the US

Great news for our friends in manufacturing. According to the Institute of Supply Management (ISM), September marked the third consecutive month of solid manufacturing activity.

The PMI, the index by which the ISM measures manufacturing activity, increased 0.5 percent of August's activity to 56.2-- the highest level for the index in 2013. Additionally, the PMI is above the 12-month average of 52.4, and has been over 50 in nine of the last ten month.

New Directory Promotes Canadian Small Businesses

For small business owners looking to connect with other SMEs to build beneficial partnerships, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) has launched a national online directory for SMBs. With assistance from Interac Association, has been designed to help Canadian small business owners connect with consumers and other businesses searching for local deals.


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