Customs Clearance: A Complete Guide

Every cross border shipment of goods must clear customs before it can be imported or exported. However, navigating the customs clearance process requires some additional document preparation and familiarity with the rules and regulations in Canada and the USA.

Though the extra paperwork and official inspections may seem daunting, the customs process for shipping freight is less complicated than you may think—especially if you partner with a reputable shipping company and customs broker to avoid unexpected delays or fees.

Unloading and Loading Freight: Expert Safety Strategies to Protect Employees and Freight

Unloading and loading freight happens so often that workers and management can become complacent to the inherent dangers that exist in the process.

Unloading and loading freight is almost always under some sort of time constraint. This issue and tighter supply chain windows can exacerbate the problem and create an even more dangerous environment.

That can lead to increased accident rates and damaged freight, among other hindrances to your bottom line.


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