Unloading and Loading Freight: Expert Safety Strategies to Protect Employees and Freight

Unloading and loading freight happens so often that workers and management can become complacent to the inherent dangers that exist in the process.

Unloading and loading freight is almost always under some sort of time constraint. This issue and tighter supply chain windows can exacerbate the problem and create an even more dangerous environment.

That can lead to increased accident rates and damaged freight, among other hindrances to your bottom line.

What is Lead Time in Shipping? Tips to Optimize Your Business and Increase Customer Loyalty

Within the logistics and shipping industry, lead time plays a critical role in preparing, processing, and handling orders. Consumers and businesses also use lead times as a way to plan ahead for their orders.

Today, we'll answer “What is lead time?” and “What does lead time mean in shipping?” We’ll also discuss why it’s vital for your business, the different categories, factors influencing lead times, and other important information.

The Top Accessorial Charges and What You Can Do to Lower Them

Shipping costs have become a hot topic of discussion within business circles. With the U.S. inflation rate hitting 7.11% in Q4 of 2022, shipping prices have risen globally.

Business owners may see a flat shipping price only to find extra fees on their invoices. These are accessorial charges, and failing to get a handle on them can eat into your profits.

We’ll discuss accessorial charges, why they exist, and how to stop them from getting out of control.


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