CSA Transportation in Bloomberg and Our Initial Steps into AI

We are pleased that our CEO, Herman Fallick, was featured in a recent Bloomberg News article concerning AI in logistics. Herman discussed our efforts to incorporate AI software into our operations to enhance customer satisfaction for our shipping services across the CSA network. "Eliminating manual data entry frees up employees for customer service tasks like order follow-ups and sales support," he stated.

Freight Hauling: An Expert's Guide to Logistics and Truck Hauling Services

Freight hauling is a critical aspect of the transportation industry that involves the movement of goods from one place to another. It is an essential service that supports businesses across various sectors and ensures that goods are delivered to their intended destinations promptly and efficiently. CSA Transportation is an industry leader that offers reliable freight hauling services in the US and Canada. 

Customs Clearance: A Complete Guide

Every cross border shipment of goods must clear customs before it can be imported or exported. However, navigating the customs clearance process requires some additional document preparation and familiarity with the rules and regulations in Canada and the USA.

Though the extra paperwork and official inspections may seem daunting, the customs process for shipping freight is less complicated than you may think—especially if you partner with a reputable shipping company and customs broker to avoid unexpected delays or fees.


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