Easy Cross-Border Shipping Solutions

Navigating the process of LTL shipping between the USA and Canada can be relatively straightforward depending on the trucking company you choose to help ship your products.

CSA Transportation has customs coordinators on staff that team up with your customs broker to ensure a quick import / export process, and on-time cross-border trucking services.

With a CSA distribution center near most major border crossing sites, our specialized office of customer service experts makes it easy to ship from US to Canada—or from Canada to US—to ensure worry-free shipping every time you choose to book an order with us.

Please note: CSA is not the right choice to handle the shipment of your small package; this type of shipment is better served by a postal organization. We are primarily an LTL carrier and deal with pallet shipments, thank you for your understanding!

International Shipping Services: Ship Canada to U.S. or USA to Canada Shipping

In-House Customs Coordinators

Though CSA is not a customs broker, we do employ in-house customs coordinators that work with your broker to help ensure smooth on-time delivery your freight to it's destination. This allows your business to focus on serving your customer while we handle the details required to ship Canada to U.S. or when shipping to Canada from USA.

ACE & ACI Pre-Clearance

Customs procedures in each country require the electronic receipt of dispatch and shipment information before your freight arrives at the border so it can pre-screened for acceptance. Our personnel have direct access to each countries Canada/USA Customs website to streamline this process on behalf of our customers. We also offer website account access so all you need to do is sign in, find, and select your most recent shipment from the options list—CSA's tracking portal gives you the tools you need to search your shipments fast, and send your customer a status update easily from the online menu.

Reduced Border Delays

The ACE/ACI "pre-screen" helps speed up border wait times since drivers only need to present customs officials with an ACE or ACI eManifest number that relates to all the shipments in their trailer.

Bonded Terminals

CSA's Canadian terminals are bonded. This means USA to Canada shipping orders that experience customs clearance issues will in most cases not be rejected (turned back or held) at the border, but rather, will arrive as scheduled to a trusted CSA terminal to store until Customs officials can visit our distribution terminal to clear the items on site. This capability turns potentially large money burning delays—that can last days and drastically increase shipping costs—into small low cost incidents that typically still make your scheduled delivery day. Shipping between countries can be tedious but CSA helps keep your supply chain moving door to door when ever you call upon us.

Trusted Brokerage Partners

Due to our extensive experience in shipping to Canada from USA and shipping to USA from Canada, CSA has built relationships with some of top customs brokers available. If you do not have a customs broker we would be happy to recommend one to you.

Customs & Border Security Programs

CSA is an active participant in the following:



Automated Commercial Environment



Customs Self Assessment



Free and Secure Trade



Advance Commercial Information



Partners in Protection

The Specialized Services Your Business Needs

For decades, freight shipping has been the life blood of commerce. Often, however, businesses need unique solutions for sending freight in a non-standard or expedited manner. This is where Truckload and LTL freight shipping (Less-Than-Truckload) can save a business money and help them better serve their customers. If you need to ship from the US to Canada, CSA Transportation presents a terrific cost saving solution.

What is LTL freight shipping?

LTL freight shipping is a method where multiple lots of freight owned by different businesses are shipped on one truck. These freight lots can be between 150 and 15,000 lbs. Packed on pallets, these irregular freight lots can save money and enable small shippers to get their freight to where it needs to be at the same speed as more convention freight lots shipped via truck. LTL freight shipping has proven popular over the last decade as freight services for medium sized lots has opened up between, especially for businesses that need to ship from the US to Canada. 

What is Truckload shipping?

Because CSA Transportation is a volume LTL shipper, we are also able to provide full truckload services thanks to our extensive freight shipping network. This is especially useful if your shipment requires multiple drops.

How the process works, step by step

Normally, the best lots for shipments are between 150 and 15,000 lbs. Lots less than 150 lbs. can be handled by parcel carriers such as the USPS or Fed-Ex, and lots of 15,000 or more are the domain of dedicated freight shippers. LTL shipping is ideal for shipping lots in between this weight range from Canada to US regions economically.

LTL carriers normally use a “hub and spoke” arrangement where freight is delivered by the customer and palletized at the carrier’s “spoke terminal”. These are usually referred to as “LTL common carriers.” This freight is then packed on a standard trailer and sent to the central hub for further consolidation and shifting to deliver the pallet to its destination. These are known as DCs, or “distribution centers”. This process is known as “line hauling.” This process takes longer than FTL, or full truckload shipping, as freight needs to be moved between trucks, move between different hub stations, and packed carefully.

Local drivers who work at the spoke terminals will usually load up and make pickups from their regular routes in the morning and deliver freight to be packed and sorted from long range delivery. They then make deliveries in the late afternoon to clients who they regularly serve.

What are the benefits?

LTL from CSA Transportation offers inexpensive freight shipping for clients who need to have their medium sized lots shipped in a reasonable amount of time. In today’s environment of just-in-time production and immediate reply to customer orders, it’s cheaper and safer to let an experienced and insured LTL shipper handle the logistics of your shipment. CSA Transportation is easier, more flexible and cheaper than most enterprise shipping options. Using LTL to ship to Canada from the US is almost always the most economical choice for your business. 

How long does it take and how much does it cost?

Here is a quick summary of transit times for typical shipments:

  • Shipments travelling up to 500mi./800km: Approximately 1-2 days.
  • Shipments travelling between 500mi./800km and 1500mi./2400km: Approximately 3-4 days.
  • Shipments travelling more than 1500mi./2400km: Approximately 5-6 days.

How much a shipment will cost depends on multiple factors. Check out our Freight Quote form for more details. Also, remember that our representatives will happily help you with a quote over the phone. These time estimates are normally for shipping to Canada from the USA and vice versa, and are to be taken simply as examples.

Will my shipment be safe?

CSA transportation is a fully bonded and insured freight shipper that services the west coast of the US and Canada. We have a track record of 99.8% of orders delivered without a claim. Our 30 years of experience in this market, as well as our company’s progressive and entrepreneurial culture, places customer care first.

What can be shipped with CSA Transportation?

We at CSA transportation are experts in LTL shipping. We move more than 700 trailers worth of freight that ship from the US to Canada and the US network wide every month.

We can move any freight of at least one standard pallet size or more. We also offer flatbed service. The best way to get your specific questions answered is to contact one of our representatives or to visit one of one our terminals so that we can help you set up an account and get started. Check out our FAQ for answers to common questions, or contact us directly for a quote.

Whether you have been shipping LTL freight for years or are new to the advantages and cost savings, we are ready to transform the way you do business. Regardless if you are interested in freight shipping Canada to USA or freight shipping USA to Canada, we’ve got you covered.

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