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As one of the leading LTL trucking companies, CSA moves 700+ trailers of LTL freight per month, network wide. We provide scheduled LTL shipping services with daily departures for Canada USA LTL and highly-competitive pricing for shipping LTL freight Canada and the United States with transit times you can count on.

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Sample Transit Times on Popular CSA Lanes

Origin Region
Destination Region
Transit Time*
New York / New Jersey Vancouver, BC 4 - 7 days
Seattle, WA Montreal, QC 4 - 7 days
Los Angeles, CA Toronto, ON 3 - 5 days
Toronto, ON Edmonton, AB 3 - 5 days
Dallas, TX Calgary, AB 3 - 7 days
Montreal, QC Vancouver, BC 4 - 7 days

*Transit times are calendar days and apply to major cities in and around the origin/destination cities listed. They are provided as a range (min - max) and will vary depending on the day of week pickup. Add an extra day for locations beyond the regions major cities. Please contact us for more information.

More Examples of LTL Expertise

Need to ship from Vancouver, BC to Dallas, TX?

Consider it done!

Experienced Canada / USA shipping staff and CSA distribution facilities in both regions work together to coordinate shipments from a single pallet to multiple skids, building full loads of LTL freight both ways from Canada to Texas and from Texas to Canada on a regular basis. CSA's own customs coordinators ensure shipping to Dallas, TX is fast and hassle-free with the best rates and service you can count on. In fact, each of CSA’s 10 freight centres act as regional hubs capable of servicing multiple areas. For example, our Dallas Texas terminal regularly assembles LTL shipments to Canada consisting of freight from Florida, Tennessee, Louisiana, and other Southern US states for final distribution throughout Canada.

How about a pallet of freight shipping from Los Angeles, CA to Toronto, ON?

Receive the best combination of service and price.

Los Angeles is one of our highest volume distribution terminals, with over 60 consolidated loads of LTL freight to and from Canada every week. CSA's goal is to provide a superior service for shipping California - Canada LTL freight and we lead the industry in both pricing and service on this lane.

Can you ship freight from New Jersey to Calgary, AB?

CSA has you covered!

Shipping between Northeastern US and Canada has never been easier and more cost-effective. If you require shipping from New Jersey to Canada we’d be happy to show you what we can do!

CSA has over 100 high-volume lane combinations and capabilities to ship your LTL freight throughout Canada and the USA - give us a try and you’ll quickly get a sense of what it's like to work with a best in class LTL freight company. You’ll also benefit from many of the additional LTL services we make available like lift-gate/tailgate for pickup and delivery, curbside delivery, pickup and delivery appointments, standard base rate cargo insurance (with optional full risk cargo insurance), and expert coordination of the customs process for shipments moving between the US and Canada.

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