Standard Pallet Size & Dimensions

If you ship large quantities of goods, or ship goods that need to be protected during transfer and safely delivered then chances are you will use pallets to do this (unless your product is very small, for example bolts and screws, or very large like big machinery)  Using pallets makes shipping more secure and, more importantly, is the most cost effective way, maximizing space.

Freight Forwarder vs Customs Broker

What is a freight forwarder?

If your business sells goods to a client in another country, for example shipping between U.S. and Canada, you will need the expertise of a freight forwarder.   So, what can a freight forwarder do for you and your company?   As we said, if you’re selling a product outside of your own country then you know the challenges in getting your product to your end customer.

What Does FOB Mean in Freight Shipping?

FOB is the acronym for “Free on Board” or “Freight on Board” and is an internationally recognized commerce term.  If you need to buy or sell goods from another country everyone involved in your commercial transaction will know how to define FOB.   


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