Easy Cross-Border Shipping Solutions

Moving freight between the U.S. and Canada is an extensive process. FedEx and UPS dominate the shipping industry, but there are other options for small businesses that ship pallets. Trying to grasp LTL shipping to the U.S. from Canada is simple when working with the right trucking company.

CSA Transportation takes pride in supporting businesses of all sizes in shipping freight from Canada to the U.S.

Team up with CSA, and our customs coordinators will work directly with your customs broker to ensure your shipment arrives quickly and safely.

CSA offers the cheapest way to ship from Canada to the U.S. through our intelligent distribution centers near most major border crossings. Our shipping experts have fine-tuned the cross-border shipping process to provide a hassle-free transportation experience. When shipping freight from Canada to the U.S., you need a reliable partner that can offer faster shipping with better pricing while also taking care of all the logistics and paperwork. At CSA Transportation, we are ready to get started on planning the route for your cargo as soon as today.

Get your free online quote with CSA Transportation now and ship from Canada to the U.S.

International Shipping Services: Ship to the U.S.A. from Canada 

Shipping to the U.S. from Canada has never been simpler to coordinate, manage, and deliver. Our international services focus on providing your business with a high-quality shipping service at an affordable price.

In-House Customs Coordinators 

Like our U.S. to Canada shipping service, we do not operate as a customs broker. Instead, we have a team of experienced in-house customs coordinators that work directly with your broker to ensure a smooth, trouble-free shipping process.

When you work with a CSA customs coordinator, you spend less time on Canada to U.S. shipping and more time servicing your customers.

ACE & ACI Pre-Clearance 

Every country has its customs procedures. On the U.S.-Canada border, customs agents require both dispatch and shipment information before your freight arrives at the border. This electronic data allows your shipment to be pre-screened and accepted.

CSA Transportation personnel have the tools to streamline this process on your behalf. With direct access to the U.S.A./Canada Customs website, you can find and access your shipment to get the latest status updates.

When shipping from Canada to the U.S., getting your shipment cleared and screened in advance ensures no delays in crossing the border and entering U.S. territory.

Reduced Border Delays 

Pre-screening speeds up waiting times at the border. With CSA Transportation, our drivers only need to provide their ACE/ACI eManifest number to customs officials, and they will be on their way.

This potentially turns hours of waiting at the border into minutes. For time-sensitive Canada to U.S. shipping, CSA Transportation makes it happen.

Bonded Terminals 

CSA uses bonded terminals to handle customs clearance issues on your behalf on the Canadian side of the border. This means your shipments will not be turned back but transferred to one of our terminals.

Customs officials will visit our distribution site to inspect and clear your items. This prevents you from losing money on your shipment.

Avoid nasty surprises and choose the cheapest shipping from Canada to the U.S.

Trusted Brokerage Partners 

If you need a trusted transportation service to ship to the U.S.A. from Canada, rest assured that CSA works with the top customs brokers and intricately manages every step of the supply chain.

While not customs brokers ourselves, we are always happy to connect you with a broker you can trust.

The Specialized Shipping Services Your Business Needs 

With the ever-evolving rules and regulations, cross-border freight shipping has never been more complex. In particular, shipping to the U.S. from Canada has become more challenging in the 21st century.

Freight shipping is our specialty, and we understand that the cookie-cutter solutions of the past are no longer suitable for modern-day business.

CSA Transportation offers a selection of Truckload and LTL shipping services to deliver non-standard and expedited freight. We aim to reduce your Canada to U.S. shipping cost and provide your business with a cost-effective, streamlined solution for moving your goods.

CSA Transportation Shipping FAQs 

Got any questions about how shipping from Canada to the U.S. with CSA Transportation works?

Here’s what you need to know about making your first shipment.

What is LTL Freight Shipping? 

Lower-than-Truckload (LTL) shipping is a method by which multiple goods from multiple businesses will be shipped as part of a single truckload. Freight can vary between 150 and 15,000 lbs.

LTL shipping makes professional freighting accessible to small businesses that may not have the capacity to require a full truckload. Unlike standard postal services, LTL shipping gives small businesses the same fast, high-quality shipping as major corporations.

These irregular freight services are affordable, and your goods will be packed onto pallets. For businesses that need the cheapest shipping from Canada to the U.S., this is one of the best ways to get your goods to their destinations quickly and efficiently.

What is Truckload Shipping? 

Traditional shipping services involve hiring a truck and filling it out with all your products. These bulk shipping services are ideal for getting high-volume delivered across the border and into the US.

Although we mainly focus on volume LTL shipping services, we also provide truckload shipping for those businesses that require it. Our shipping network is more than capable of handling businesses that need more volume.

Truckload shipping is also ideal if you have multiple delivery locations.

How Does the CSA Transportation Shipping Process Work? 

The sweet spot for shipping to the U.S. from Canada with CSA is between 150 and 15,000 lbs for most businesses. For anything less than 150 lbs, ordinary parcel carriers, such as FedEx and UPS, can handle these shipments at a reasonable price. For anything over 15,000 lbs, dedicated freight shippers are the ideal option.

It makes sense economically to opt for LTL shipping for anything between these two figures, especially when shipping from Canada to the U.S.

We use a “hub and spoke” arrangement. Your goods are shipped to a “spoke terminal,” often referred to as LTL common carriers. The freight is packed onto a trailer and delivered to a central distribution center, which is then shifted to regional distribution centers.

Known as line hauling, LTL shipping does take longer than full truckload shipping as multiple hubs and trucks are required.

Local drivers will make the final delivery along regular routes. Most clients can expect to receive their deliveries in the afternoon.

Why Should You Use CSA LTL Shipping for Your Business? 

The key benefit of employing LTL shipping is cost savings. Medium-sized cross-border freight shipments are economically viable without compromising on speed.

With many companies operating a just-in-time production model and customers demanding immediate attention, LTL shipping is cheap and safe.

CSA shipping lends itself well to these business models because we help you maximize excellent service and large profit margins.

How Long Does Cross-Border Shipping Take with CSA Transportation? 

Here’s an idea of how long a typical shipment will take when shipping to the US from Canada with CSA:

● 500mi./800km – Most shipments take 1-2 days.

● Up to 1500mi./2400km – Most shipments will take 3-4 days.

● 1500mi./2400km and Up – Expect your shipment to take 5-6 days.

These shipping times are estimates and don’t consider any delays due to bad weather, lines at the border, or if additional customs inspections are required.

We fulfill our estimates for most of our clients, so you can have confidence that CSA can manage your time-sensitive shipments.

How Much Will Cross-Border Shipping Cost? 

Several factors determine how much you can expect to pay for your shipment, including your destination and volume. For this reason, every quote is tailored to a specific customer.

We do our best to accommodate the needs of every business. Our specialists will get you the lowest price possible to provide a high-quality shipping service without the hassle.

Please fill out our Freight Quote form to learn more about what you can expect to pay. You can also call one of our in-house shipping experts and get an instant quote over the phone.

Is it Safe to Ship with CSA Transportation? 

Safety is paramount to a successful transit. CSA Transportation is fully insured and bonded for all shipments across the west coast of both Canada and the U.S.

Just 0.02% of shipments with CSA have ever resulted in a claim. Due to our 30 years of experience, our team knows all the ins and outs of keeping your products safe in transit.

Customer care is at the heart of our organization because we want you to have peace of mind when shipping your goods.

What Can I Ship with CSA Transportation? 

CSA moves more than 700 trailers every single month. We are the experts in cost-effective LTL freight.

Any freight of one standard pallet size or more can be shipped with us. We even provide flatbed shipping services to businesses across our U.S. and Canadian networks.

For goods of a non-standard size, we are more than capable of providing LTL freight services that work for you. The best way to find out more about what we can ship and whether we can help is to get in touch with a representative from the CSA team.

You can also read through our comprehensive FAQ for further information.

Cross-Border Shipping with Confidence from CSA Transportation 

Shipping is a major headache for all businesses. Getting the cheapest shipping from Canada to the US boosts your bottom line and increases your profitability.

If you need a shipping provider who can move goods from Canada to the U.S., or vice-versa, CSA Transportation is the number one LTL freight provider on the west coast.

To start your next shipment, get in touch with CSA Transportation for a free quote.

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