Distinct from many trucking companies in Chicago, IL, we have the direct ability to complete fast cross-border shipments to and from Canada, leveraging the CSA Network.

We also value the safety of your shipments more than anything else in the business. We know that reliable and timely delivery is of the utmost importance to our customers, and we always strive to provide the best transportation services possible.

CSA Transportation is one of the leading trucking companies in Chicago, Illinois, that specializes in shipping goods to and from Canada. With sophisticated equipment and a professionally trained team, we can ship from the US to Canada and back more efficiently than the competition. We offer fast and reliable cross border transportation at reasonable fees for standard pallet dimensions. Our professional drivers and expert staff always work on providing the best customer experience possible.

Service Options: Appointments

Incurring wait time fees and missing deliveries can have a great impact on a customer's experience, and we are fully aware of it. As one of the leading LTL Freight companies in Chicago, we have found a way to help our customers by offering freight appointments.

Our freight appointment system gives each customer a specific time window within which the cargo is going to be delivered. This way, we provide you with a predictable schedule so you can plan accordingly. Clients who choose appointment deliveries can also opt for notifications via email or telephone when their cargo is about to be dropped off.

Our trained specialists make sure to professionally coordinate each step and deliver your goods safely and on time.

Service Options: Same day pickup

Not many transportation companies in Chicago, Illinois offer a same-day pick-up service. When it comes to trucking companies Chicago, IL, CSA is one of the few organizations that constantly works to make the transportation process as convenient as possible.  Our company offers same-day pickups for shipments from Chicago to Canada. As long as you confirm your shipment before 2 pm (local time), our team will pick it up that same day.

If you're looking for a Chicago trucking company that offers hassle-free transport with prompt delivery, CSA Transportation covers everything you need.

We are always here in case you need any more details. For any further questions regarding same day pick up, we encourage you to reach out to our customer experience team.

Service Options: Email alerts for delivery/pickup

CSA Transportation is one of the leading transportation companies in Chicago, IL, that can transport to and from Canada promptly, safely, and professionally. As such, we strongly believe in transparency when it comes to our shipments. With that in mind, we have created client portal access which is standard for all our customers.

How does portal access work? The client logs into the system through the client portal, and the system shows them all the data available about their shipment, like the actual delivery date or current delivery stage. It also shows notifications about any changes or delays that may occur due to extreme weather or some other unexpected situation like border security hold-ups.

Visit our online tracking portal to track your delivery today.

Service Options: Upgraded cargo insurance

When deciding between various trucking companies in Chicago, make sure to consider the way your carrier helps you protect your goods.

The level of insurance freight companies provide for their customers is usually an important factor when choosing the right carrier for your cargo. At CSA Transportation, we offer various levels of insurance to make sure each customer can find a package with a level of coverage that works best for them.

Customers can choose from either our standard liability insurance that covers the replacement of shipped goods, or our special cargo insurance for extra peace of mind. We help each customer find the ideal insurance coverage that addresses all of their needs. Contact us to learn more about the insurance options we offer that keep your cargo safe, secure, and protected.

Service Options: Freight pricing by the pallet

CSA Transportation is one of the very few transportation companies in Chicago, IL that offers pallet shipping rates for cargo moving to and from Canada. Chicago trucking companies don't usually pay a lot of attention to the client's needs for pricing by the pallet, but at CSA, we do. We know some bulk shipments require reasonable rates from the carrier. As a result, we offer an affordable solution for our customers in the event they need to ship items in large quantities.

When choosing among many trucking companies in Chicago, IL, price rates are a significant factor. This is why we've come up with a solution to simplify our pricing options. With our by-the-pallet pricing option, we offer our customers the possibility of paying a flat fee regardless of the type of cargo we ship for them. So far, this option has been favored by many of our new and existing customers.

If you’re ready to get your Illinois trucking order started, visit our online quote page now to enter your details. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible with custom pricing information tailored to your pallet dimensions.

Sample Transit Times

Sample LTL transit times for the Chicago shipping  area:

Origin Region
Destination Region
Transit Time*
Chicago, ILVancouver, BC4 - 7 days
Chicago, ILCalgary, AB4 - 6 days
Chicago, ILToronto, ON2 - 3 days
Chicago, ILMontreal, QC3 - 4 days
Chicago, ILEdmonton, AB5 - 7 days

*Transit times are calendar days and apply to major cities in and around the Chicago region. They are provided as a range (min-max) and will vary depending on the day of week pickup. Add an extra day for locations beyond Chicago's major cities. Please contact us for more information.


No other Chicago freight company in the industry cares more about providing a personalized customer service experience than our team at CSA Transportation.

We want our clients to know their shipments are in good hands during every phase of their journey. 

We work diligently with United States Customs and the Canadian Border Services Agency to ensure deliveries are made as quickly and as painlessly as possible. This allows our customers to focus their attention on the day-to-day operations of their businesses, while we handle the distribution of their goods.

Since 1986, we have been unwavering in our commitment to ethical and professional interactions with the people, city and businesses we serve.

And much to our delight, our approach has served us well.


  • CSA Transportation employs 300+ employees
  • We have 14 full-service distribution centers
  • We have a track record of solid, consistent growth
  • We have a 99.8% no-damage delivery rating
  • We ship more than 700 trailer loads every month

If you’re looking for one of the best trucking companies in Illinois that has a proven ability to exceed expectations, reach out to us today. We never miss an opportunity to outshine our competition by going the extra mile for our valued patrons. When you work with the CSA Transportation group, you're note just a customer—you're a valued partner.

Shipping to and from Canada and the American Midwest: Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Kansas, Nebraska

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CSA Toronto is undergoing a major expansion that will double its size by September. Our upgraded high-speed LTL facility will cover 75,000 sq. ft. and feature 25 loading doors on 4.5 acres, significantly enhancing transit times across the CSA Network.

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