Shipping to Residential Addresses: Getting Accurate Freight Quotes

Sometimes your business has to ship to customers at residential addresses. LTL freight companies need to charge for extra services associated with residential delivery because of the additional care required when accessing residential communities -narrower roads, lower speed limits, and increased distances from highways and major routes. Additionally, tailgate (liftgate) service will likely be required as residential locations are rarely (if ever) equipped with dock level loading options.

Your Truckers’ 34-Hour Restarts Could Last Up to 51 Hours

New regulations took effect for American truckers beginning on July 1. Previously, drivers could end their week, spend 34 hours off duty, and begin a new week as soon as those 34 hours had passed. Now, however, it's not that simple.

The new hours of service rules require two back-to-back 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. periods within the 34-hour “restart” period, which means drivers who want a true 34-hour restart must end their week within a 6-hour window between 7 in the evening. and 1 in the morning.

Amplify Your Business With a 3PL Partnership

When a large business needs to ship products, it can call upon massive resources to move goods quickly and inexpensively. When a small business wants to ship products, it has to think smart and maneuver nimbly— unless, of course, it has partnered with a capable third party logistics provider.


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