Scheduling a Freight Pickup: Tips for Fast Service

Providing complete and accurate information, including detailed address information, each time you schedule a shipment pickup with your LTL freight company will help make shipping your pallet or loose piece as hassle-free as possible.

Great Information to Provide When Making Freight Pickup Requests:

1. Shipper Contact Details

  • Name of the Shipper— Pickup Location or Business
  • Complete Address
  • Contact Name, Phone and the Applicable Extension

2. Shipper Location Requirements:

  • Hours of Operation
  • Is a truck level loading dock available at the pickup location?
  • Are there special requirements? (ex Lift Gate, Driver Assistance, etc)
  • Indicate appropriate reference numbers or if an appointment is required at pickup

3. Freight & Document Ready Times:

  • Provide a minimum two hour window for when you know the shipment and documentation will be prepared for pickup. Ex. “Docs and shipment ready between 2 and 4 PM”

4. Shipment Description

  • A detailed description of the product being shipped
  • The type of handling units (objects that will actually be handled) that will be shipped
  • The dimensions of the handling units in imperial inches
  • Total weight of the entire shipment in pounds

For LTL shipping companies who dispatch trucks and drivers to many locations during a short (normally afternoon) time period, routes are planned in advance to keep freight moving on time and cost-effectively. In cases where a location address is unclear on incorrect, a pickup could be delayed until the following day, and in many cases, this may conflict with your transit time expectations.

Here are four areas of information that you could include every time you request a pickup to help keep everything running smoothly. Doing so will help ensure you receive faster pickup times and the best service and pricing possible.

A trucking company may not be able to load and ship your order when expected if the above information is incomplete. As a value-added service many good LTL freight companies, like CSA Transportation, will proactively follow up to confirm information with you or your partners but with many calls to attend to in a day, yours may not be the immediate priority. It is always a great idea to send the most detailed information as possible when booking your pickup to help keep your supply chain moving and your customers happy.

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