Technology Wanted for Mobile Transportation & Logistics Workforce


An April study from Intermec Inc. surveyed 375 managers of transport and logistics firms in six countries around the world. The findings were illuminating: the companies all firmly believed that arming their mobile workforce with new technology could and would cut both their pick-up times by 30 percent and delivery times by 29 percent.


A few more interesting findings from the study include:

Forklifts on the Rise


The production of lift trucks appears to be growing steadily this year in a positive sign both for manufacturers of forklifts and for the U.S. economy as a whole.


Data gathered from members of the Industrial Truck Association (ITA) shows an estimated expected growth of 2 to 3 percent for 2013 over 2012 figures, with additional percent or more increase anticipated in 2014. In addition, 89 percent of members expect that in 2013, they will increase overall factory shipments of forklifts above 2012 levels.


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