Optimize Pallet Loading With This Online Tool

We recently discovered OnPallet.com, an easy and free web tool for planning how your product will fit on a pallet for shipping.

Enter the standard dimensions and weight of the pieces you need to ship (this tool assumes each piece is the same), the max height at which you want to stack the pieces (this will be the total height of your pallet) and then just select the size of your pallet. Now hit submit and OnPallet.com will show you how many pieces can be packaged onto that skid, total weight, and the best way to arrange them. Very slick!

OnPallet Step by Step Tutorial

We'd love to see density, and cubed volume calculations in the results. It would also be very useful to be able to mix multiple package sizes on one pallet but perhaps this is asking a bit much for a free web tool.

OnPallet.com will come in handy if you work with LTL companies that have pallet pricing, in just a few steps you can plan how to load your pallet to make sure you stay within your carrier's max pallet weights and heights. Or if you are thinking about switching product packaging or box sizes, OnPallet.com will help you plan for that as well.

Try it for yourself: www.onpallet.com

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