7 Ways to Save on Your Next LTL Shipment


7 ways you can work with your carrier to save on your next LTL shipment.


1. Look to reduced service options. Does your consignee need a set appointment or can you give a 3 hour window for delivery? Extra services and coordination to set these up will increase costs. Understanding your carrier’s accessorial shipping rates can help you make the most of your transportation budget.

2. Work with your carrier to implement a set rate schedule for your company, if you ship frequently between cities you'll have more opportunity to negotiate. This also gives you the ability to immediately know your rate on frequently shipped lanes.

3. Develop a transportation partnership with mutual loyalty. Relationships are valued and your carrier will work harder if they know you are not ready to drop them for the competition at a moment’s notice.

4. Provide as much detail as possible about your shipment to your carrier. The more specifics you give, in terms of size and weight, the more likely you are to receive the most accurate freight quote.

5. Inform your shipper of limits on pallet weight and quoted height so they can package your freight accordingly. If your carrier priced the freight according to the ability to double stack the pallet and it is packaged as two pallets when picked up, you may be in for a surprise when the final invoice arrives.

6. You may find increasing your overall skid size or weight could be advantageous. Rather than being charged for 2 skid spots, you’re oversized or overweight shipment may be only charged for 1.5 skid spots, or if the increase is only marginal your carrier may let it slide through at a lower price point.

7. Consider the whole picture/price. Carriers with ocean cargo partners may include transloading or demurrage at a reduced rate since they know you will be using them for the long haul over the road once the container cargo is transloaded to a 53' dry van trailer.

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