How To Do Business in Texas


Several reports on exports in the past year have illuminated what we at CSA already know: business between Canada and the state of Texas is booming. Importing and exporting between Canada and Texas is great-- and the partnership between the two can’t be beat.


There are a number of great reasons to set up a branch of your business in Texas. Strategically speaking, Texas is a great location for both cross-country and international shipping. The state prides itself on a great business climate and strong, diverse economy.

Businesses looking to set up camp in Texas should focus on finding a market or need that a Texan business hub will serve, or source a part of your supply chain to a Texan manufacturer. Make sure you've gone over every inch of legal documentation to make sure you're in the clear-- the state of Texas has some great resources for answering questions and getting started.

If you're outsourcing part of your supply chain to Texas, make sure you use a reliable pallet shipping or LTL trucking company when transporting your goods across the border. Whenever you ship, it's important to insure your goods, and if your shipments are crossing the border, make sure you have your paperwork ready for freight shipping from USA to Canada.

Whether you’re pallet shipping items from Dallas to Montreal or need an LTL shipment moved quickly from the Lone Star State throughout Canada or the United States, CSA can help. If you’re interested in learning more about how CSA’s strategically located hubs can help you with shipping from the USA to Canada or vice versa, contact us or request a quote.

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