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The Largest Trucking Companies

“One of the top trucking companies in North America.” It's a statement any company can claim. But it's also one only a select few have actually earned.

This is what makes choosing the right trucking company so difficult for customers. At CSA Transportation, we often hear clients saying “It's hard to know which claims are true and which are false.”

This is why we decided to focus on what separates the best trucking companies from their competitors, and what factors customers should consider when looking for transportation carriers for their shipping needs.

Read on to discover all the information you'll need to make the best decision for your business.

What Are The Top Trucking Companies in North America?

Before we jump to identify the best trucking companies, it's important to highlight that the best trucking companies receive their designation from industry experts and analysts—not from simply tooting their own horn.

Publications like Logistics Management, Transport Topics, and Inbound Logistics compile their lists of the top truck companies using in-depth research, customer surveys and questionnaires, trucker interviews, financial and operational records, and other forms of data that are collected over time.

Before taking a company's word at face value, it is always recommended that potential customers do their research and gather information from reputable resources when making a decision.

With that being said, here are the top 10 truck companies we recommend based on our 30+ year history of experience in the transportation industry:

  1. CSA Transportation (Of course!)
  2. Atlas World Group
  3. Marten Transport LTD
  4. Hub Group
  5. U.S. Express Enterprises
  6. ArcBest
  7. Wilson Logistics
  8. Hirshbach Motor Lines
  9. Motor Carrier Service LLC
  10. Halvor Lines, LLC

What Are The Largest Trucking Companies?

Many customers equate the size of a transportation carrier with quality of service. Unfortunately, however, this is not a sound rationalization.

While the biggest trucking companies are certainly successful and well-established, they may not be the best fit for every job. 

It's always recommended that potential customers review the types of shipping services offered by a company, their rates, where their distribution centres are located, and how flexible their services are before making a commitment.

With this in mind, here are the 10 largest trucking companies in the US (based on fleet size):

  1. FedEx Corp
  2. UPS Inc.
  3. Knight-Swift Transportation Holdings
  4. YRC Worldwide
  5. Schneider
  6. J.B. Hunt Transport Services Inc.
  7. Old Dominion Freight Line Inc.
  8. XPO Logistics
  9. Estes Express Lines
  10. TFI International

It's also important to note that these are the largest trucking companies by number of trucks. This list will vary if annual revenue, net income, and the number of employees are considered

What Do The Largest Trucking Companies Have In Common?

There are a few common characteristics that are shared by North America's biggest trucking companies. We've included the three of these key features below:

The largest trucking companies listed above aren't trying to please everyone—and that's what makes their business work. FedEx and UPS, for example, primarily ship parcels that are 150 lbs or less. While they do offer some freight services (shipments larger than 150 lbs), these services are not as comprehensive as the ones offered by other competitors. For example, if you want an expert in LTL freight or shipping from the US to Canada, CSA Transportation would be your best choice.

Whether it's having a massive team (like Knight-Swift Transportation Holdings, which employs 28,000 people), being a leader in environmental sustainability (like Old Dominion Freight Line) or using highly-advanced, innovative technologies to improve efficiency (like XPO Logistics), you don't become the biggest truck company without knowing, and fine-tuning, what separates you from other providers.

Some of the largest trucking companies specialize in valuables such as computers, televisions, and glassware as part of their household moving services, because they know homeowners (their target market) appreciate the extra care. Others offer discounted rates for businesses who are willing to commit to on-going shipping services for a certain period of time. Knowing what matters most to their ideal customer allows them to hone in on what works and reduce spending in other, less lucrative areas.

  1. They Understand Their Niche

  2. They Have a Competitive Edge

  3. They Know Who Their Ideal Customer Is (And How to Meet Their Needs)

What It Takes to Be One Of The Largest Trucking Companies Around

Becoming one of the biggest trucking companies in the US is no easy feat. 800 trucking companies filed for bankruptcy in 2019 alone, which shows how challenging it can be to achieve long lasting success in the transportation industry.

In addition to the characteristics of top-performing truck companies we listed above, there are some other areas transportation carriers must focus on if they want to rise above the rest. They include:

  • Growing their business sustainably
  • Meeting the standards of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
  • Ensuring all trucks and assets are properly insured (at all times)
  • Upholding a strict maintenance schedule for all machinery and vehicles
  • Hiring, training, and retaining qualified, service-oriented drivers
  • Marketing their services successfully to obtain new clients
  • Consistently analyzing and tracking all expenses to maximize profitability (employee salaries, tax deductions, fuel expenses, repair costs, finance payments, etc.)

Much like with any business, a trucking company is the sum of many moving parts. All aspects of the business must be operating efficiently in order for the enterprise to succeed.

Why Choose CSA Transportation?

At CSA Transportation, we focus on providing superior-level service to companies of all sizes within Canada and the United States.

To achieve this, we have 14 distribution centres located across North America, each staffed by a team of regional experts who are always ready to provide our customers with personalized, cost-effective, and innovative shipping solutions.

When you trust CSA Transportation with your shipping needs, you are trusting a company that:

  • Will be 100% accountable to you at all times
  • Delivers friendly and knowledgeable customer service without fail
  • Has in-depth knowledge of the North American shipping industry and can provide you with the answers you need
  • Always goes above and beyond to ensure your shipment arrives on time
  • Has a 99.8% claims-free delivery rate

If you're not just looking to hire one of the top trucking companies in the US, but a company that specializes in North American deliveries and has a proven track record for excellence, CSA Transportation is the company for you. Contact us today.

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