Cheapest Ways to Ship a Box Internationally: A Complete Guide

Shipping a box domestically is as easy as choosing a carrier, scheduling a pickup, and letting the carrier take care of the rest. On the other hand, shipping internationally has wrinkles, including additional charges, transit times, and clearing customs on the other side.

There has been an increased demand for reliable international shipping recently, with eCommerce retail sales expected to grow by 14.1% in 2022. It leaves small and large businesses trying to figure out the cheapest way to ship a box internationally.

How to Improve Warehouse Safety: Unloading and Loading

Unloading and loading cargo from trucks is no easy job, and even seemingly minor mistakes can put people or freight at risk. Many companies refine their processes and train crews to take the necessary safety precautions.

While warehouse workers or drivers typically handle loading freight, unexpected events always seem to arise in the logistics industry. That’s why everyone in the company must be thoroughly trained in the official truck loading and unloading procedures. Educating your teams will enable them to work together safely and efficiently.

Shipping Delays 101: How to Handle a Late Delivery the Right Way

Delay in delivery is the bane of many businesses, and nothing is worse than having to deal with clients screaming, "why is my package delayed!"

So, what's a company supposed to do when on-time deliveries aren't always under its control?

After all, neglecting your customers' worries when they inquire about a delayed package only worsens the situation.

Today, we'll cover the most common reasons for late delivery and the steps you should take to ensure you continue to have satisfied customers.


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