Washington Bridge Enters Final Stages of Repair

After the May 23rd collapse of the Skagit River Bridge in upstate Washington, the final repairs are slated to occur this weekend.

The bridge, which partially collapsed after a span was struck by a large transport truck, has only been open for transit with the help of a temporary span holding up a 160-foot section of the bridge. The new, permanent span will go into place this weekend, and officials expect the bridge to be open on the morning of Sunday, September 15.

Here's what will happen: Steel pilings have been driven deep into the riverbed and support a rail system that will slowly slide the giant section of new roadway in to replace the temporary section. The process will require a full shutdown of the bridge, but once it is complete, the Skagit River Bridge will be stronger than ever.

For companies who are shipping from the US to Canada and back, there will not be any service disruptions while a detour over to another bridge is in effect.

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