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Trucking Company Terminal Locations: CEO Insights

A recent TruckNews.com article featuring industry leaders, including our own President and CEO, Herman Fallick, explores insight and reviews the challenges many trucking companies across Canada and the USA face when opening a new trucking terminal.

Trucknews.com Article Summary: Link to Full Article: https://www.trucknews.com/features/home-shopping/

Whether it's growth in shipping business or downsizing, regardless of the reasons, real estate dealings in trucking industry has unique requirements. Herman Fallick, president and CEO of CSA Transportation, opened a new LTL trucking terminal in Surrey, BC., two years ago and the construction of another one is underway in Calgary, AB. To him, it’s simply a matter of volume. “I wished it was more scientific but it’s not. It’s just a matter of realizing that on Monday morning you’ve got 10 trucks coming in and you can’t possibly unload them all on the floor,” Fallick says. “At some point it’s just choked, you need to expand and get additional space.”

For its new Calgary trucking operation, CSA Transportation picked a location that was close to its current one. “Primarily because the employees are long-term employees and they all reside generally around the terminal. So we didn’t want to go too far away from where people live. In Calgary, that was a big determining factor,” Fallick says.

Instead of looking for land for it's its Etobicoke, ON head office, CSA found a place that was already used for trucking or closely related operations. “If you find a company that did some kind of distribution in the past, where they had multiple trucks themselves, even if it was only for local deliveries, those are the types of facilities that might work for you,” Fallick says, adding that you still need to be ready to do some renovations to adapt the new facility to your own needs. CSA Transportation even had to build walls at its expense in it's LTL trucking warehouse in Fontana, Calif., because the municipality didn’t want to see trucks parked in the yard. “Even though they were welcoming to trucking companies, they did have stipulations as to what you could build, how it could look,” says Fallick. Construction is underway at CSA Transportation's New Calgary Location

Cities Mentioned in Full Article: Surrey, BC; Calgary, AB; Moncton, NB; Toronto, ON; Etobicoke, ON; Plessisville, QC; Montreal, QC; Halifax, NS; Moncton, NB; Fontana, CA

Link to Full Article: https://www.trucknews.com/features/home-shopping/

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