Trade Between Texas and Canada Going Strong

Several reports on exports in the past year have illuminated what we at CSA already know: business between Canada and the state of Texas is booming. Importing and exporting between Canada and Texas is great-- and the partnership between the two can’t be beaten.

According to the Government of the State of Texas, Canada was the #2 export destination in 2012 with nearly $24 billion worth of goods shipping to Canada. About 10 percent of that volume was returning to the Lone Star state with $2 billion in goods Shipping from Canada to Texas.

Food products Shipping from Texas to Canada is one of the top categories: In 2011, Canada imported $486 million food-related goods from Texas including but not limited to: $33M in fruits and nuts; $28M in prepared/preserved fruits and nuts; $28M in gums/resins derived from seeds; $28M in food preparations (including $27M in chewing gum!) and more. Canadian food exports amounted to $630 million.

These numbers show there is a significant market in Canada for dry food products shipping from Texas. If you are an import/export business that participates in Texas Canada trade CSA has over a quarter of a century of experience shipping packaged food products across the border between its high-speed warehouse network.

Additionally, a number of Canadian companies have business space and even manufacturing plants in Texas. RBC, Talisman Energy, Village Farms, CGI, Kelso Technologies all have a presence in Texas, including CSA with a high-speed distribution centre in the Dallas area.

Fun fact: Did you know a portion of the Tom Hanks movie, Cast Away, was filmed in Canadian, TX? That’s right-- there’s a city in Texas named “Canadian.” With a population of 2,832 (2012), Canadian was the location for the final scene where Chuck Nolad (Tom Hanks} is at the "crossroads" of his life. This city was named after the Canadian River, a tributary of the Arkansas River in Texas-- not the fine people of Canada.

If you’re partnering up with vendors in the state or are looking to expand business into the area, CSA can help you with shipping to Canada from the US or vice versa, contact us or request a quote.

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