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Shipping From Canada to US: Trucking Logistics Considerations and more

Import and export signMaking the decision to export is a big one. When you enter the international marketplace, whether it's a carefully calculated move or in response to an unexpected order, there are some simple steps you can take to keep the process worry-free.

If you receive an order from a website visitor in another country should you fill the order? If you are a Canadian business there are certain regulations and other considerations> that you should be aware of when exporting to the US or other foreign countries.

For example:

  • If you are exporting to the US, will the extra costs associated with shipping from Canada to the US keep your product competitive in the new marketplace?
  • Do certain international markets have more potential than others when you take the particular characteristics of each country into account, including:
    • Business customs.
    • National currency.
    • Trade agreements.
    • Restrictions (can be specific to particular countries).
  • Would export market research minimize risks and help you make the right decision about diversifying your client base by shipping across the border?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, consider utilizingavailable services that can help you make the most of any new opportunity.

When it comes to transportation, many trucking logistics companies provide you with a schedule of rates so you can accurately price your goods or give a shipping quote to your customer. Similarly, if you partner with a trucking company and ship a pallet of goods in bulk, you will be able to secure lower freight rates than if you shipped smaller orders more frequently.

Proper preparation for exporting can mean success in marketing your products and services abroad. But remember: it's important to consolidate your presence in local markets before tackling foreign ones.

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