Sharing Is Caring (In the Supply Chain)

The success of social networks like Facebook (more than a billion users) and Twitter (more than 200 million users) has revolutionized the way that people share information. Experts predict that the philosophy of sharing will sooner or later diffuse into the supply chain and its processes-- though currently, regulations prevent trucking logistics professionals from optimizing the supply chain processes by sharing information with other participants such as retailers or suppliers.

However, cloud computing has the potential to change much of the opacity slowing down the supply chain. As we discussed recently, cloud computing in the supply chain management has recently become incredibly popular, as sharing hardware and software can provide huge competitive advantage in the supply chain. This is especially true for smaller or medium sized enterprises, since building up and maintaining a whole IT infrastructure for supply chain software can be very expensive and quite a hindrance for business development.

In the end, the success of sharing is strongly connected to the establishment of trust. For the benefits of sharing to be tapped by the supply chain, companies will need to establish business relationships with trustworthy logistics partners and LTL trucking companies and design distinct rules of collaboration. Building networks between companies could promote an openness and transparency that could transform the supply and distribution chains in fundamental ways. This new approach to collaboration offers a plethora of business opportunities as sharing experiences, knowledge and ideas fuels the spirit of innovation and boosts our economy.

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