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International Shipping Companies

International shipping is one of the essentials of today’s modern economy.

Unfortunately, sending cargo across borders is still a confusing and time consuming process. Regulations, fees, and procedures change all the time. Approached the wrong way, getting your product shipped internationally will only cost you more and delay your package even further.

That’s where international shipping companies like CSA Transportation come into play. We are experts in shipping from the US to Canada and can guide you through the whole process in the most efficient way possible. We can advise you on questions such as "how much does it cost to ship a container overseas” and will deliver your shipment quickly at the lowest cost possible.

Customs Clearance

One of the most crucial—and confusing—aspects of overseas shipping is customs clearance. Customs is a country’s gatekeeper for any international cargo shipping that comes into their doors. They will inspect the items, see if they don’t break any of their importation laws, and add in tariffs or fees as applicable.

The problem with clearing customs is that trade laws and regulations change all the time. It also varies from country to country. Plus, it’s not the easiest thing to understand in the world.

Customs is a big part of why international container shipping is such a complicated process, and why it's costly. If you don't approach customs clearance properly (incomplete documentation, etc.), it will add to the already considerable delay of sending out any international container and cargo.


That's why international shipping companies are so valuable. An excellent overseas shipping company will guide you through the customs clearance process. CSA Transportation provides all the information you need regarding customs requirements and can advise of any issues before you ship. This helps you avoid costs and delays in shipping a container overseas or across a land border.

International Shipping Times

The shipping time for most international cargo varies wildly. It depends on many factors like the size and weight of the item, and the shipping destination (addresses in remote locations will take longer). 

The good news is that CSA Transportation has the expertise to help plan your supply chain transit times so you have an informed decision and so your items can reach the intended destination in a matter of days. Of course, shipping rates will be more expensive when you choose a faster option (Like Air VS Road), so be sure to keep the trade-off in mind. You can get an online freight quote today by using our form.

Tips for International Shipping

Considering the risks for your company’s reputation and bottom line, your item must be shipped in the best way possible. Below are some extra steps you can take to ensure the best results possible:

  • Make sure you have all the necessary information for customs

There are a large number of customs forms that you need to fill with international shipments. You can help move things along by providing ample information for customs officers.

They will usually need data on your product like where it was manufactured, ingredients or product specs, and if you’re licensed to sell them. Customs officers might also need clearance documents for sensitive items like food and medicine. Again, CSA Transportation can help you with all these details. View our customs documentation page for more information.

  • Don’t skimp on packaging

Despite how careful a shipping company is, any shipment is at risk of experiencing excess movement and external shocks. That’s why you need to palletize and package it as appropriately as you can, so your customers can get your items in the best condition possible.

The key to packaging is to use plenty of cushioning. Lots of cardboard, extra cardboard or wood on the corners of your pallet.  Bubble wrap, foam, and air pillows for the items in the boxes within your pallet will significantly reduce the risk of damage to your items while in transit. Also, use appropriate, thick boxes to help shield the contents from the elements.

  • Know if what you’re shipping is legal

Make sure that you do your homework and understand prohibited or regulated items for your destination country. Some items, like produce, batteries and medical devices, might need additional paperwork or special handling if you want to ship them. Knowing and preparing these in advance will help you avoid unnecessary delays and headaches during the international shipping process.


The CSA Network and You

One of the most important aspects of any shipping company is its international network capability.

At CSA, we maintain a cross boarder team of customs coordinators and we can seamlessly connect your shipment from our 14 Terminal trucking distribution in North America to any major city through air and sea cargo.

Our vast network gives our supply chain plenty of flexibility with multiple routing options. That’s why even in the face of crises like a global health pandemic, we’re still able to send out your international shipments efficiently and on time.

As a door-to-door shipping company, you'll also enjoy stable pallet pricing at the most competitive rates possible. We’ve made it convenient, so you never have to worry about calculating and juggling multiple fees.

With CSA, we’ve been making international LTL freight shipping easy and seamless for anyone since 1986. Get in touch with us today to get your free quote and see how you can benefit from our network, great rates, and quick delivery times.

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