Infrastructure Upgrades Shorten Border Crossing Times

A new border crossing is being renovated as part of the Beyond the Border Action Plan, a joint agreement between Canada and the U.S. to upgrade the infrastructure at key border crossings. With an eye to better facilitate trade and travel, both nations hope to create more jobs and increase commercial growth by implementing the plan.

The Lacolle Port of Entry is located in Quebec, and is about to simultaneously get safer and more business-friendly. This is great news for anyone looking to ship freight between Quebec and the US. While the action plan mainly focuses on strengthening security and addressing threats, it will also facilitate trade by increasing the number of inspection lanes, modernizing processing facilities, and expanding the entire port infrastructure.

What does this mean for businesses? Transit times for both travelers and traders should be greatly reduced through more efficient inspections. When border waits are reduced, freight transported by trucking logistics companies can travel faster and more reliably across the border.

The Beyond the Border Action Plan plans to address a large number of border ports to ensure Canada/US trade occurs even more smoothly than before. Businesses, whether they move goods from Dallas to Vancouver, or Los Angeles to Quebec, will be able to more effectively distribute product to their customers.

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