Freight Shipping & Your Pricing Strategy

Ecommerce marketplaces like Ebay, Alibaba, Amazon and Etsy let manufacturers reach direct customers in regions outside their local market, and Less Than Truckload (LTL) freight shipping companies are now making it easier than ever to take advantage of their services.

Flexible, accessible, and cost-effective shipping solutions from LTL companies will save you and your customers money. Here's how:

  • Set pricing schedules: It helps to know freight pricing up front when your selling to new customers. It's one less thing you need to act on when a new customer request comes in. Work with your LTL company to receive set rates that don't expire for a year for points throughout Canada and the USA. Now you can accurately price your products and sell to new clients easily.
  • Per Pallet Freight Pricing: Similar to the above point, "by the pallet" freight pricing helps busy small businesses accurately predict and communicate freight pricing to buyers online or in person. If you have a set pricing schedule to and from many regions that shows pricing by the pallet you will have a lot of flexibility to accurately quote freight to your customers, with per pallet pricing you'll have one price whether they request ltl freight of 1 pallet at 800lbs or 1 pallet at 1600lbs .
  • Flexible options for pickup and delivery: "A-la-carte" freight service options that are easily itemized from a pricing standpoint. For example, if your LTL company can provide rates for extra services that relate to pickup and delivery. Ask your LTL partner for their rates on options like: curbside delivery, liftgate pickup/delivery, driver assistance etc. this will again help you accurately price and expand your market to customers who do not have loading docks or yards.
  • Easy payment options: Credit card payment options help get businesses shipping quickly and give small business owners the benefit of using their reward card of choice.
  • Cross Border Shipping Coordination: Filling orders between Canada the USA should be simple. A good LTL trucking company will have in house experts that can assist by setting your company up with the best customs broker and will help coordinate the entire movement with that broker so as a business owner you can focus on the next sale.

Part 2: Should you incorporate freight shipping costs into your final product price?

For more information on LTL freight, or shipping from the US to Canada and how this can impact your business, Contact CSA Transportation Now.

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