CSA Transportation in Bloomberg and Our Initial Steps into AI

We are pleased that our CEO, Herman Fallick, was featured in a recent Bloomberg News article concerning AI in logistics. Herman discussed our efforts to incorporate AI software into our operations to enhance customer satisfaction for our shipping services across the CSA network. "Eliminating manual data entry frees up employees for customer service tasks like order follow-ups and sales support," he stated.

Our automation journey commenced a decade ago, streamlining processes like quote generation and shipment confirmation. Recently, we began testing AI systems to enhance email management. This new software not only sends follow-up emails when crucial shipment information is missing, but also categorizes emails, and automatically enters freight quotes and orders into our system, improving operational efficiency in managing our customers’ Less-Than-Truckload LTL freight.

The Bloomberg feature highlights our proactive approach towards technology. As we progress in this digital transition, we aim to explore AI benefits in service delivery, adapt to meet our clients' evolving needs, and ensure efficient cross-border freight shipping between Canada and the USA.

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