Customs Documentation

Canada and US Customs require all shipments to be pre-cleared prior to departure. Send all required customs documents as soon as possible to:

Email: customs (at) (Reference the tracking number in the subject line)

Cross Border Shipping Guide

CSA is your worry-free trucking partner for shipping commercial goods between the USA and Canada—from a single pallet to a full truckload. Follow this guide to get started shipping cross-border today!

Setting up a shipping account is as simple as requesting a quote! All you need is the pickup and delivery cities, freight weight, dimensions, and commodity description.

At CSA we normally price shipments by the pallet, which means you will receive a single price for a standard skid regardless of what you ship (usually for weights up to 1650 lbs). This easy to understand skid pricing method simplifies the process and allows for easier cost control when compared to the class and per hundred weight pricing system (although we can provide rates in this method as well).

Required Customs Docs for Cross-Border Shipments

These documents are required for shipping between Canada and the United States.