Welcome to the CSA client portal user guide. This guide will assist you with the basic setup and navigation of the CSA Customer Portal, your essential tool for getting rates online, booking orders, tracking shipments, viewing your quote and order history and downloading signed documents.

If you need additional assistance or clarification on any of the steps below:

  • Contact Your CSA Account Manager: Your dedicated manager is available to provide support tailored to your needs.
  • Don't know your account manager? Just submit a Help Request

As a new user, you may not immediately see the features for online rate requests or order booking when you first log in. If this is the case please get in touch with your CSA Account Manager.

Important Tracking Information:

CSA utilizes two separate tracking systems:

  • Canada Domestic & Cross-Border Tracking: For shipments that are within, entering or exiting Canada.
  • US Domestic Tracking: Exclusively for shipments that originate and conclude within the United States.

Please be aware that our portal does not currently facilitate the generation of online rates for US Domestic shipments. For these rate requests, direct communication with the CSA customer care team is required.

Please review the guide below for a complete overview of all our online ordering features. To expand the document to full screen, click the up-right-and-down-left-from-center-arrows icon (located at the top right of the below guide). If you need access to online orders, contact your account manager. Don't know your account manager? Just submit a Help Request

Please reach out to your account manager or visit our support form here.