Make Cross-Border Shipping Simple

Navigating the process of commercial shipping between the USA and Canada can be relatively straightforward when using the right trucking company. CSA Transportation has customs coordinators on staff and specializes in providing on-time cross-border trucking services, making shipping between Canada and the USA a worry-free endeavour.

CSA's Transborder Services

In-House Customs Coordinators

Though CSA is not a customs broker, we do employ in-house customs coordinators that work with your broker to ensure smooth clearance of your freight.

ACE & ACI Pre-Clearance

Customs requires the receipt of dispatch and shipment information prior to freight arriving at the border so it can pre-screened for acceptance. Our personnel have direct access Canada/USA Customs systems to streamline this process on behalf of our customers.

Reduced Border Delays

The ACE/ACI "pre-screen" helps speed up border wait times since drivers only need to present customs officials with an ACE or ACI eManifest number that relates to all the shipments in their trailer.

Bonded Terminals

CSA's Canadian terminals are bonded. This means any northbound shipments experiencing customs clearance issues will not be rejected at the border, but rather will arrive to a trusted CSA terminal for safe keeping until the shipment is cleared by Customs.

Trusted Brokerage Partners

Due to our extensive experience in cross-border shipping, CSA has built relationships with some of the most reputable customs brokers available. If you do not have a customs broker we would be happy to recommend one to you.

Customs & Border Security Programs

CSA is an active participant in the following:


Automated Commercial Environment


Customs Self Assessment


Free and Secure Trade


Advance Commercial Information


Partners in Protection

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