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CSA's much more than just a trucking company with terminals in 10 key regions across Canada & the USA.

With 550+ monthly truckload shipments network wide, making up thousands of individual client LTL freight orders, we consider ourselves a team of logistics experts who provide outstanding truckload & less-than-truckload LTL shipping services.

Our goal is reliable, personalized service & highly-competitive freight pricing so that you may experience worry-free shipping in Canada & the US—cross country & cross border.

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  • California Shipping Experts since 1986
LTL Transportation Company
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Personalized Shipping Services

Direct Telephone Response: No voicemail during business hours ensures fast and personal service.

Expert Coordination of the Customs Process: Knowledgeable in-house experts help avoid cross border shipping delays.

Company Staffed Facilities: Strict handling and rigorous freight securement methods are part of our company culture.
LTL Truckload Experts
California LTL Carrier
Personalized Shipping Services

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