CSA offers 2 forms of coverage for your goods in transit, standard liability insurance and an upgraded "all-risk" cargo policy.

Standard Liability Insurance

This coverage is included in CSA's base rate and applicable to the information listed on the front of the Bill of Lading. Coverage is calculated based on the lesser of:

$2.00/lb calculated on the weight of the missing or damaged pieces of the shipment,

OR the value (replacement cost) of the goods at the place and time of shipment, including the freight and other charges if paid;

limited to a claim of $50 or more.

Upgraded Cargo Insurance

With CSA it's easy and cost-effective to add an upgraded policy with all-risk cargo coverage for goods in transit to your freight order. All you need to do is declare the full value of your goods on the Bill of Lading and the following All-risk insurance coverage will override CSA's Standard Liability insurance above.

Minimum Charge: $35.00 per shipment.

This covers up to $17,500 of declared value, $0.20 surcharge per hundred dollars of declared/insured if you are covering more than $17,500 in value. Ex. Declared value of shipment = $17,600. Insurance cost = $35.20)

Maximum Coverage: $ 250,000.00 (CAD) per shipment

General Merchandise, Deductible: $500

The premium is assessed on an individual shipment basis and is subject to the terms and conditions listed under the MARINE INLAND LEGAL CARGO INSURANCE policy below.

Upgraded Policy Terms & Conditions


To cover the insurable interest of the Insured on new general merchandise excluding: household goods/personal effects, antiques, automobiles, jewellery, bank notes, precious metals, securities, artifacts, valuable papers, works of art, stamps, dangerous goods, furs, live plants and animals, fresh or frozen products, perishable commodities, tobacco and tobacco products, alcohol and alcoholic beverages, memory or computer chips, bulk commodities, marble, glass or similar fragile articles.


Professionally packaged and prepared for over the road transport in an LTL or TL environment.

Geographical Limits

Within and between Canada and/or Continental USA, excluding Alaska and Hawaii.


As per Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance's Standard Inland Transportation Form (All Risks) the goods insured shall be valued at the amount of invoice (replacement cost), including freight together with such costs and charges as any have accrued or become legally due thereon since shipment; but in the absence of invoice, the property shall be valued at actual cash market value at time and place of loss and in no event for more than the Limits of Liability specified above.


Motor Trucks - Common Carriers and Railway cars.


CAD $250,000 - any one railway car and/or motor truck - common carrier.


As per Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance's Standard Inland Transportation Policy – All Risks
Statutory Conditions
Institute Radioactive Contamination, Chemical, Biological, Bio-chemical and Electromagnetic Weapons Exclusion Clause
Institute Cyber Attack Exclusion Clause
Termination of Transit Clause (Terrorism)


Excluding loss or damage due to scratching, denting, marring and chipping; rust, oxidization and discolouration; electrical and mechanical derangement unless caused by an insured peril.
Excluding the costs of recalibration and/or re-programming

File a Freight Claim

Claims should be filed promptly to allow investigations to occur while facts are fresh, and must be submitted within 60 days of delivery with full payment of freight charges - minimum $50. Filing a claim will protect any rights you have under the Bill of Lading.

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