Frequently Asked Questions

How to ship with CSA and more!

Simply create a direct shipment tracking link like this: and send it to whoever you want. Try it for yourself with this test link, or use your own CSA tracking number in place of A0000005. A login is required for full tracking history which also provides more detailed information. We can only provide a login to customers of CSA. Sign up for the full shipment tracking portal.

Yes this can be set up online, just go to the request invoices by email form and complete the request.

Please go to the request a freight quote form and complete an immediate online rate request or, if you prefer, contact a CSA transportation representative by phone. In either case, a dedicated freight account manager will work to help ensure our service proposal meets your needs. When making your request please indicate your shipping requirements in detail: Required delivery dates, volumes, skid dimensions (or linear feet if not packaged on pallets), repeat shipment opportunities, fragile goods, stackable/non-stackable, etc. This way our pricing specialists will be able to present the most competitive rates possible.
First off, congratulations on your increased business! When shipping one standard pallet of goods or more, an LTL shipping company is a great solution. To begin shipping freight with CSA, simply request a rate using our online quote form, or contact one of our shipping terminal locations. A representative can help set up your account and guide you though the application for credit process (payment terms net30). If you prefer to pay by credit card, CSA accepts Visa and MasterCard. Should credit terms not be approved at the time of your first shipment, a credit card payment will be required.

Yes, we can arrange to ship your freight by flat deck truck anywhere in Canada and the United States.

Yes! Freight destined to and from these states would be transported by a qualified CSA network partner. Shipments moved though our partner network are overseen by a CSA logistics coordinator and, from a customer’s standpoint, are seamless with our service.

If you approve the quote you begin to ship with CSA immediately by using our pickup request form or you can call your nearest trucking terminal location. CSA accepts Visa or MasterCard, which will allow you to keep your shipments moving while we review your application for a shipping account with CSA. The credit application process generally takes a few days and your rush shipment is best paid by credit card.  In this case we will charge your card for the full amount just prior to final delivery of your freight.

As a general guideline CSA's freight transit times can be calculated in the following way:

Shipments travelling up to 500mi./800km: Approximately 1-2 days.
Shipments travelling between 500mi./800km and 1500mi./2400km: Approximately 3-4 days.
Shipments travelling more than 1500mi./2400km: Approximately 5-6 days.

We do our best to ensure your freight delivers when requested. Overnight service is difficult to accommodate due to road conditions, traffic, weather, and operator drive time legislation - just a few of the variables that may increase or decrease transit time estimations.You can receive more detailed transit times by visiting the contact page associated to one of our 12 shipping centres. For specifc ETA's for a live shipment please use CSA's Online Tracking system.

For up-to-date shipment tracking and tracing between Canada and the US, Canada domestic, and US to US points CSA offers Online Tracking.

There are two versions of this system; a quick tracking tool able to search the status of a shipment using just a tracking number (found at the top right of each of our webpages), and full-featured client portal for CSA customers which includes the ability to see and print off POD's, Bills of Lading, and Invoices. Get started with CSA's Client Portal here!

As an expert in cross border freight shipments CSA has customs facilitators on staff that help guide you through the entire process. We do not, however provide customs brokerage services. Instead our staff work closely with customs brokers to facilitate cross border freight movements. If you are in need of a customs broker we can recommend a company best suited to your shipping needs.

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