We Have Updated Our Look!

CSA's newly redesigned mobile-friendly website features enhanced shipment tracking, updated webforms, and more resources to make your shipping experience worry-free.

Among the new features added, the most notable is the black banner located at the top of each of our webpages which showcases CSA's toll-free number, a field for quick shipment tracking, and links to shipping documents and our online quote and pickup forms.

CSA Homepage

Alternatively, following this link combination www.csatransportation.com/track/ + your shipment's tracking number will also pull up a shipment's status. This simple format can be provided to your customers, enabling them to track shipments on their own and at their convenience.

Test it for yourself: www.csatransportation.com/track/C0392639

Quick tracking only shows status updates about the specific order number entered, but does not provide visibility into Bills of Lading, Proof of Deliveries, or Invoices. For this you must have a Client Login. Though this is not a new feature, the name has undergone a change as the previous Online Tracking name did not properly convey all the functions this service provides. Those with existing Online Tracking logins can use the same username and password to access their account.

Our Resources landing page has experienced a similar change. The page, which previously acted as a brief cross-border shipping guide and featured links to related shipping documents, has not disappeared from the site, but rather its contents were expanded upon prompting us to create individual pages. To view the new content please follow the links below or locate them within the Resources menu:

Information on where to send customs documentation can be found on Customs & Cross Border Shipping. Shipping documents are now available on every page within the black banner under 'Docs'.

We are very pleased with the final result and hope you find the revamped website more comprehensive and easier to navigate.

As always, we welcome customer feedback!

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